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Selling your home? Take a moment to consider: ...

Selling your home?  That home, that space, that place where your life has been, where memories were made, photographs were taken...a life, a lifetime, a love.  SHOCK: whoever is buying your home is not buying YOUR home, your memories, your sentimental value, they are looking at buying a property where THEY can make THEIR own memories, decorate in their own style, bring THEIR life to. Your prospective buyer does not know you or know your life, but they may be interested in your property for a variety of reasons.  Make sure, from day one of going to market that you sell them THEIR new dream spot.  Not yours.  You're moving on, so allow them to experience the POTENTIAL of your home, your property.

Personal photographs:  potential buyer does not want to "ooh & aah" about YOUR wedding photographs, they have their own they wish to envisage

Sentimental ornaments:  you may hold great sentimental value to the old silk flowers you got from Grandma or from your first love, your potential buyer may well not understand and may overlook the beauty of your home simply because they're looking into your life and not your property ... put those items away.

Clear the clutter :  oh go on, just do it.  See your home from the perspective of a prospective buyer ... DECLUTTER !

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