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Holiday Accommodation Scamming: Be alert

Make sure !

When you're booking your holiday accommodation, please always make sure that you are dealing with a reputable agency.  Ask questions, test validity.  Don't spend your hard earned cash and find when you arrive with an excited family and a car full of holidaying gear that your accommodation does not exist and you're not able to reach the person that took your booking.

Things to look out for:

you would rarely be asked to pay in cash - if you are: be alert

you would rarely not be able to have someone check that the agency has a proper office that you would be able to physically walk into - if there's no real business address: be alert 

If there's no landline, fax line and various contactable cell numbers for example, the Principle's name and cell number:  be alert

There are a number of other ways to check and double check, our warning is simply: please book with caution.  We can recommend PROPROP and their division ProHolidays. Take a look at their holiday booking website:   (Specific individuals dealing with holiday bookings at Proprop with their offices in Margate and Umtentweni are Lorraine & Janine)







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